Warehouse Essentials

We offer a range of racking & warehouse essentials to help improve the safety and efficiency of the workplace.

Upright Protectors

One of the best ways to keep your racking in optimum condition is to attach protectors / guards around the base of the uprights.  Not only are they a visible indicator as to where the racking is, they also protect against knocks & bumps from fork lifts & trolleys as operators move handling equipment / stock through the warehouse.  Upright racking protectors are a cost effective way of keeping maintenance costs down by reducing the need for repairs.  Upright protectors can be used in all environments, including cold/chilled storage facilities.

Our Upright Protectors are ideal for…

  • Damage protection
  • User safety & awareness
  • Reducing maintenance costs
Upright Protectors

Column Guards / Safety Barriers

Column guards are an important safety addition to any warehouse, similar in nature to upright protectors they help reduce the risk of damage and potential failure of racking columns and support structures throughout the warehouse.  The consequences of any damage to any part of a racking/warehouse structure can prove costly to both user safety and warehouse operations – column guards help negate this risk and can be added to both new & existing racking systems.

Column Guards are ideal for…

  • Protection throughout warehouse
  • High visibility markers
  • Cost saving measures
Column Guards

Labelling & Signs

Signs, labels and label holders are an integral part of an organised warehouse facility.  We offer a range of labelling systems to cover all aspects of your stock inventory system including aisle, floor, pallet, beam, shelf and freezer labels.  Correct signage and labelling is paramount to an efficient, working warehouse – without which stock input/output could be adversely effected.

Labelling & Signs is ideal for…

  • Stock identification
  • Safety awareness
  • Stock inventory
Warehouse Signs

Industrial Matting

We supply a range of matting to cover all aspects of daily activities in the warehouse environment.  Providing the correct floor coverings / mats can significantly improve worker efficiency and cut down work related injuries.  Particularly useful in high picking areas where staff workers can be stood for long periods of time.  Protective floor coverings help reduce maintenance costs to repairing floor space subject to heavy use.

Our Industrial Matting is ideal for…

  • Anti-fatigue / reduced staff absence through injury
  • Anti-slip / worker safety
  • Floor protection
Industrial Floor Matting

Floor Marking

Correct floor marking can significantly improve overall safety and efficiency in the workplace.  Staff & visitors to site are instantly aware of working / no-go zones and machine operators have a clear floor map of working areas.  All areas of the workplace can be marked up respectively eg. loading bays / stock locations  / staff walkways / no-go zones / cold room stores / toilets / parking etc.

Floor Marking is ideal for…

  • Safety in warehouse
  • Durable / hard wearing finish
  • Stock Location
Warehouse Floor Marking

Roll Cages & Trolleys

We are able to provide a range of roll trolleys and cages so that you get the ideal product for the safe storage and transport of your stock items around the warehouse.  Cages and trolleys can be manufactured to your specification, including galvanised finishes for exterior use.  We can cater for a range of dunnage & weight capacities.

Our Mobile Cages & Trolleys are ideal for…

  • Safe, secure storage
  • Stock transportation
  • Interior / Exterior use
Mobile Cages


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