Small Parts Storage

We offer a range of ancillary storage products to help you make the most out of your storage space …..


With a wide range of sizes and colours, Linbins are the ideal storage accessory to get the best use out of your work area.  Ideal for stock picking, Linbins come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate all types of stock.  Sturdy and durable, these picking bins are ideal for small part storage eg. nuts and bolts / small craft items etc.  Lin bins come with a range of accessories such as dividers / clear front panels / labels / lids so that you can create the ideal storage solution for your business needs.

Linbins are ideal for…

  • Small parts storage
  • High picking areas
  • Durable / lightweight storage
  • Stackable

Louvred Linbin Panels

Louvred panels are a great way of storing linbins in a secure,organised manner.  Rack and wall mountable panels accept various sizes of linbins – freeing up your workspace area and ensuring stock is kept in a concentrated work area.

Free standing units are also available as single or double sided – subject to requirement.

Our Louvred Panels are ideal for…

  • Tidy work area
  • Storage of small items
  • High picking areas
Louvred Panels

Linbin Racking

Shelving and racking systems can be adapted to accommodate linbins of all shapes and sizes.  Ideal for large volumes of small sized stock – allowing multiple users to access various picking faces at once.

Our Linbin Racking is ideal for…

  • Large volume picking area
  • High stock turn around
  • Prevention of stock migration
Linbin Racking


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