Used Racking – A Quick Buyers Guide

November 1st, 2018

Racking & Pallet racking can be dangerous. If you are in any doubt you must seek the advice of a specialist.

How used is used racking?

It is important to remember that the term used doesn’t actually provide you with the age of the racking. As soon as the racking has been unpacked and assembled, it can no longer be referred to as new racking. It’s always worth asking the seller how old the racking is from date of original purchase – this will hi-light if they are the original owners of the racking or it has already been used by other parties.


Like with any considered purchase you will always be looking at value for money vs quality build. The biggest benefit to buying used racking is the cost saving, the asking price is usually reflective of the age and condition of the racking. A bit like buying a new car, as soon as you drive it off the showroom forecourt it’s already depreciated in value; however it’s still a good car for years to come – second hand racking works in a similar way.

Service history

When buying second hand racking it’s always worth asking how it’s been used previously. What environment was it in and what was stored on it. Having a full service history helps alleviate any concerns you may have when purchasing used racking. Any repairs or damages to the original system may also be noted in the service records.

Name of manufacturer / warranties

Knowing the manufacturer name of your used racking is certainly helpful if you wish to purchase add on / replacement parts in the future. Subject to purchase conditions, the racking may still have some form of warranty on it so it’s always worth asking prior to purchasing any second hand racking. Note: warranties may only be honoured in the name of the original customer but you may be able to contact the manufacturer about transferring the warranty to your name.

Weight loadings

Ask the supplier if they have documented weight loadings for the used racking system you wish to purchase. Are they prepared to provide assurances regarding load weights?

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