Carpet Racking

Secure and accessible storage is key when it comes to choosing carpet racking.  Having the right racking system to accommodate your range of stock will improve efficiency and free up valuable work space.  Carpet racking can be tailored to suit stock requirement – adjustable to ensure any height/length of carpet roll can be stored safely.

The most cost effective and popular choice for carpet racking is in the form of longspan racking.  Chipboard decks run between rack frames to allow for heavy duty, full length storage – perfect for carpets / vinyl or floor coverings.  Valuable stock is stored safely off the shop floor to reduce damages and prevent trip hazards for staff.  Racking can be adapted to fit in with your current storage system – assembly / installation is relatively simple with little or no impact to the working environment.

Carpet Racking

Carpet Racking is ideal for…

  • Heavy duty storage
  • Safe storage of stock
  • Ease of storage/retrieval

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