Longspan Racking & Shelving

Quick and simple to install longspan racking (sometimes referred to as wide span racking) is ideal for the storage of hand loaded items. Available in a wide range of sizes and suitable for both light weight and heavy duty items.  The long, wide bays of longspan shelving enable the user to locate & store products across an uninterrupted span, allowing larger volumes of stock per shelf level without additional frame obstruction to hinder access.

Due to its structure, longspan shelving is ideal for a range of workplaces, including commercial, industrial and retail environments.  Longspan racking can be adapted to take beams for clothes/material hanging.  Similarly it can be adapted for tyre storage in workshops / garages.

Adjustable to suit your product range, longspan racking is delivered in KD format and can be easily assembled on site with minimum disruption.  Longspan can be altered to accommodate varying size of product.

Longspan Racking

Longspan Racking is ideal for…

  • Heavy duty storage
  • Quick delivery times
  • Easy to assemble

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Mobile Longspan Racking

By putting Longspan shelving/racking onto a mobile base you can really make the most out of your existing floor space.  A popular choice for archive/property stores, Longspan racking can easily be mounted onto a mobile track.  Shelving/racking aisles can easily be accessed by simply rolling the bays of racking apart to open up the aisle of choice so that you can easily access your required items.

Our Mobile Longspan Racking is ideal for…

  • Maximising Warehouse Space
  • Lower Picked Areas
  • Archive Storage Systems

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Mobile Longspan Racking

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