Garment Racking

Popular in retail clothing stores and stock warehouses, garment racking provides secure, durable storage for items that need to be stored on hanging rails.

Keeping an organised stock room is essential to a productive workplace and having the right type of shelving or racking can significantly improve how your stock inventory is managed and distributed.

Garment racking is versatile enough to work in both small (retail back of house) and large scale (distribution depot) environments and can easily be tailored to suit your product storage requirements.

Hanging garments keeps clothes in optimum condition and makes them easily identifiable for retrieval.  Garment racking can be modified to allow combination clothes hanging and shelf storage for bulky items / baggage etc. above or below the garments.

Garment shelving can also be modified so that hanging shelves are put onto moving tracks to create a mobile storage system.  This frees up valuable floor space as it removes the need for additional aisle widths.

Garment Racking

Garment Racking is ideal for…

  • Back of house stock hanging
  • High density storage / distribution depot
  • Ease of storage & access to stock

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