Carton Flow Racking

Carton flow or flow through racking is the perfect product choice for establishments that require a live, efficient stock picking system.  Bridging the gap between low volume picking off static shelving and high volume palletised stock – carton flow racking provides a fast and efficient stock retrieval system.

Carton Flow Racking uses small, durable wheels that are located into trays which are positioned into a pallet racking or Longspan frame system. Using angled or tilted trays of roller tracks the stock is loaded at the rear of the racking and it ‘flows’ under gravity to the picking face at the front of the racking.

As the required stock item is removed from the front pick face, replacement stock located behind simply flows / rolls into position to replace the picked stock.

Operating on the FIFO (First in First Out) method, stock is controlled and rotated according to your desired inventory.  The angle of incline can be adjusted to suit the weight and dimensions of items stored – offering visible, accessible storage.

Carton flow racking can be used as stand-alone systems or can be configured to work alongside your current pallet racking facility.

Carton Flow Racking

Carton Flow Racking is ideal for…

  • FIFO (First In First Out) storage systems
  • High stock picking areas
  • Live storage systems
  • Organised stock inventory

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