Mobile Pallet Racking

For maximum storage capacity, mobile pallet racking systems are the ideal choice to provide high density pallet storage.

Bays of pallet racking are mounted onto mobile carriages that roll/glide along a floor track.  Runs of racking bays are simply rolled apart or together to open or close access to storage aisles.  This system works particularly well within your existing floor footprint, reducing the need for numerous static access aisles.

Mobile pallet racking systems are a cost effective way to increase storage at your existing premises.  If your existing rack storage hits capacity a mobile system can be a much cheaper alternative than trying to source another warehouse / storage facility.  Mobile systems can be configured to suit your particular warehousing system.  Our technical sales team will work with you to devise the optimum layout – maximising capacity within the warehouse.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking is ideal for…

  • Heavy duty storage
  • Maximum use of floor space
  • Cheaper alternative to additional warehousing

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