Coil Racking

Designed to store circular/cylindrical coils, reels or drums in a safe and organised manner, coil racking or cable drum racking offers cost effective, space saving storage.

By locating the coil on an axle within the racking, lengths of product can be easily reeled or unreeled and cut to the required length without the need to physically move the drum/coil.  Coils can be stored off the ground to increase valuable floor space and reduce trip hazards.

Coil Racking (reel storage) can mainly be found in electrical & automotive production units/workshops & garages and can be configured to suit coil/drum reel size requirements.

Single or double sided racking systems are available and they can be constructed to suit your particular sized stock coils/drums.

Coil Racking

Coil Racking is ideal for…

  • Electrical / Wire Cabling
  • Paper / Card / Fibre
  • Carpet / Floor coverings
  • Steels / Plastics
  • Metal Coil

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