Steel Shelving

Steel shelving is a universal choice for storage – adaptable to suit nearly every environment it is availabe in a range of formats. Shelving can be clad, braced or open, it can be perforated or reinforced for extra strength – infact it is highly versatile. Uses range from lightweight office storage, library shelving, medical records storage, audio storage, props storage, archive systems, heavy duty storage and mobile shelving. Whatever your requirement, steel shelving can be adapted to provide you with optimum storage.

Single Skin Steel Shelving

Our Single Skin Shelving System is a cost competitive system utilising the latest manufacturing techniques to blend strength, versatility and a pleasing aesthetic.

Form and Function demanded a product which is simple and economical to install, our single is ideal for most commercial and light industrial applications, but it is not limited to these, and as a result it is a popular choice for a wide variety of public organisations including hospitals, museums & stock rooms.

Designed from the customer perspective, we have included a huge range of features and accessories including:

– Slotted uprights for easy and quick adjustment of shelves
– Shelves with safe edges to front and rear flanges
– Recessed shelf clips ensure concealed fittings for clear access
– A choice of back cladding or cross brace (open)
– Shelves adjustable in 25 mm increments, simply clip into place
– Bay loading (maximum): 500 kg (dependent on specification)
– Shelves, uniform distributed load (maximum): 80 kg

Single Skin Shelving

Single Skin Steel Shelving is ideal for…

  • Large warehouses & distribution
  • Storing heavy & large products
  • Maximising the height in your warehouse

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Double Skin Steel Shelving

Double Skin Shelving balances a clean front line, concealed fixings and ease of adjustment to form a premium product. It is ideally suited to the storage of books, valuable documents or files susceptible to damage from protrusions.

It provides a clear uninterrupted access to the full width of the shelf and forms a practical storage solution for all types of installations where asthetics and performance of stored media is important.

We can supply all standard size bays, but can manufacture bays up to a maximum of 3000mm high on all our products. We can also manufacture any depth and width from 125mm upwards.

Designed from the customer perspective, Double Skin Shelving can also be fitted with any of the accessories as listed above.

Double Skin Shelving

Double Skin Steel Shelving is ideal for…

  • Small to large warehouses
  • Storage of small items
  • For smaller budgets

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Galvanised Steel Shelving

Our Galvanised Steel Shelving is gives you the great build quality of our Single Skin Shelving range but in a corrosion-resistant galvanised steel. Shelves are made of strip-galvanised quality steel sheet for constant use and high holding capacity, available with competitively priced galvanised surface. Easy to assemble with just a rubber mallet, our galvanised shelving shelving is designed to cope with loads of up to 500kg per level.

Our Galvanised Steel Shelving is ideal for…

  • Areas prone to damp or humidity
  • Files, Records & Document Archives
  • Where heavy duty / hard wearing surface is required

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Galvanised Steel Shelving

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